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Another day flying at the K+S Potash Legacy Project near Bethune, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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This past Friday, Java Post Aerial Photography made another trip out to the K+S Potash Canada Legacy Project site, near Bethune, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Thankfully, the temperature wasn't anywhere near the -40C it was when our flight crew was out there back at the end of February. To read about that frigid February flying photo adventure, CLICK HERE.

Java Post Aerial Photography has been recording the on-going construction of the K+S site from the air on a regular basis, and the progress being made from one aerial photography session to the next is really something to see. From our very first aerial shooting day to our last, the good folks at K+S will have lots of great aerial footage documenting the birth of this massive mine site.

Escorted through the site once again by our friend, Destiny Pero of Amec Foster Wheeler, the international engineering and project management company, our aerial crew of Jack and Trevor grabbed a few dronies (like selfies, but taken from a drone) throughout the day's shoot.

Peeking from the belly of our DJI Inspire 1 UAV (one of three primary unmanned aerial vehicles used by Java Post Aerial Photography), the camera spies Trevor holding the controller he'll use to manipulate the camera position, once the unit is airborne.

Controller in hand, Trevor stands by for launch. Our certified UAV pilot, Jack, is out of frame. Jack will concentrate on the actual piloting of the craft, while Trevor pays attention to the camera shots being recorded. To get the best images, the pilot and camera operator will work in tandem, coordinating the drone's flight path and speed with the camera's pan and tilt movement.

From the air, it appears that (L to R) Jack, Trevor, and Destiny are all just starting down at the dirt. In reality, Jack and Trevor are watching their control monitors, and Destiny is...well, maybe Destiny IS just staring down at the dirt. Or perhaps she's just admiring Jack's steel-toed work boots. Safety first!

In the photo above, you can see the gang doing their K+S Potash version of the Beatle's famous "Abbey Road" album cover. They've lost Ringo, though.

In this dronie, you can only see a very small portion of the massive mine site. Even from the air, everything out here is big.

Except for our flight crew. They are like tiny ants. Crawl and scurry, you tiny ants! Crawl before your flying camera overlord!

Okay, this is why we don't let our drones have artificial intelligence.

And, as our DJI Inspire 1 drone slowly sets down after another day of aerial photography, Destiny demonstrates her best Fonzie "Aaaaaaay!" imitation to the camera. And then Jack has to explain who Fonzie is, because Destiny is too young to remember that old TV show. Still, she does a pretty darn good Fonzie.

And with a wave in their hands and a song in their hearts, Jack, Destiny, and Trevor say goodbye until the next time. Happy mine constructing!

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