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And The 15,000th Cup Of Java Post Coffee Goes To...

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The celebratory bells were ringing today at the Java Post Production office in honour of a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

Okay, the bells were actually our General Manager, Karen Plumb shouting "Ding Ding Ding!," and the once-in-a-lifetime occurrence was the official serving on the 15,000th cup of coffee from the Java Post office cappuccino machine.

Fittingly enough, the lucky person to enjoy that 15,000th cup of coffee was our very own King of Coffee and Caffeine Commander, "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe.

Actually, if we had started an office pool as to who would drink the 15,000th coffee, chances are we would have all placed our money on Jack. It's a pretty safe bet.

Here Karen surprises Jack with a gift basket of coffee beans and Java Post coffee mugs (like he doesn't have any of those at home) for having the 15,000th cup of coffee from the Java Post cappuccino machine. As for how many regular cups of coffee Jack has had out of our other, standard office coffee maker, only the caffeine gods know.

Jack accepts his prize package with humility and grace, thanking his mother, his agent, his bladder exercise regimen, and all the little people behind the scenes, whatever their names are.

The numbers don't lie. 15,000 cups of coffee have flowed through our office machine. I think we're on our third or fourth machine now. We tend to give them all the work they can handle, and then some.

Jack celebrates his moment of glory in the best way he knows...with a delicious cup of Java Post office coffee...and a silly green hat.

The coffee is always on for you, too. Drop on by Java Post Production and let us pour you a cup and give you the nickel tour. And you don't have to wear a silly green hat.

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