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Ahoooo! Werewolves of Lumsden! (Or WolfCops of Moose Jaw, close enough)

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Yes, we know the song title is actually "Werewolves of London," but Lumsden seemed more fitting, given the local Saskatchewan nature of the Echolands Creative Group feature film "WolfCop," ( As the tag line says, it's like Dirty Harry...only hairier.

WolfCop recently wrapped up principal photography in and around Regina and Moose Jaw. Both of which are not too terribly far from the town of Lumsden, for those keeping geographical score.

The Java Post Aerial Photography crew was hired to capture some aerial tracking shots for a few of the movie's scenes. So Jack Tunnicliffe and Trevor Bennett (pictured below) packed up the Javacopter and headed out into the woods to help WolfCop director Lowell Dean get some cool footage.

We can't show you the footage because it's all hush-hush. So you'll just have to wait. We're all looking forward to seeing WolfCop clawing through big screens all across Canada.

If you've got an upcoming project that could use an uplifting new perspective, give us a call and ask about our Javacopter. It's just one more creative tool available to you at Java Post Production.

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