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A UAV dronie and a big hole in the Earth.

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Now that's a whole lot of hole!

The Java Post Aerial Photography crew was doing some UAV (AKA "drone") photography work with the folks from Adjile Online Video Advertising at a construction project near Regina when the gang decided to grab some quick "dronie" photos (a selfie from a drone) in front of this massive earthworks pit.

We're not quite sure what the plans are for this hole when it finally gets to the bottom, but we'd like to suggest "World's Largest Koi Pond."

Those big dump trucks in the background look like tiny toys.

Some construction engineer somewhere probably has precise calculations as to just how many cubic metres of earth have been removed to create a hole this size, but we'll just go with the rough estimate of "a lot."

Because we're working in a construction zone, the flashing yellow safety light on the roof and the red safety flag mounted on the back of the Java Post Aerial Photography van are there to make it visible. That's a problem we don't have when we're just driving down the street. #vandoesntblendinwell

And we end with a nice "dronie" wave from the gang.

To see some examples of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.


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