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A Toast To Our Friend and Colleague, Crystal!

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It was enough to drive us to drink (not that we need much encouragement). Our wonderful long-time friend and colleague, Crystal de la Sablonniére, is leaving us to further her education and seek new career if working in the Saskatchewan film and television industry over the past couple of years wasn't adventure enough. But we digress.

The gang all gathered in the Java Post Production boardroom for Bushwakker beer and nachos (it's darn handy having an award-winning brewpub downstairs from one's office!) and to tell Crystal how much we're all really going to miss her. And that wasn't just the beer talking.

(L to R) Tomás, Karen, Crystal (we didn't even save her a seat at her own going-away party!), Joan, and Kevin.

A selection of Bushwakker beverages, suitable for toasting Crystal's new opportunities. Or drowning our sorrows at her departure. The beers are dual-purpose.

With Joan and Brent in the background, Crystal poses with her going-away gift: a last-minute, hastily-sketched piece of artwork that we solemnly promise will be replaced with a really, really nice caricature portrait of all the Java Post staff, just as soon as our animators can get around to doing it. In fact, we're working on it as we speak. Honest.

The Java Post Production gang - including a couple of honorary staff members - poses for a group selfie (a grelfie?) around the boardroom table. (L to R) Crystal, Karen, Brent, Kevin (seated), Joan, Randy, Craig ("Corner Gas: The Movie" editor), Doug ("Corner Gas: The Movie" assistant editor), another Doug (who works here), and Tomás. Not pictured is our boss, "Java Jack" Tunnicliffe, because he had to take the photo.

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