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A reading from the Book of Roof - doing an inspection for St. James' Anglican Church.

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Recently, the Java Post Aerial Photography crew was - as the Blues Brothers put it - "on a mission from God."

Well, perhaps it wasn't quite that dramatic. But our aerial crew WAS asked to do a roof inspection of St. James' Anglican Church in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The church wardens were thinking about getting some roof repair/replacement work done and wanted some videos and still images of the roof that they could use as a reference when obtaining quotes from roofing contractors. 

A general overview of the church. To the left you can see the red launch/landing pad for our drone, surrounded by orange safety cones. Java Post Aerial Photography did several passes over the church, capturing video footage and still images for the church wardens.

Our camera operator and drone technician, Trevor Bennett, can be seen middle left, next to our launch/landing pad. The drone camera is looking at the south side of the church steeple.

A rather dramatic angle looking down the steeple to the church's front entrance.

A closer look at the roof line at the bottom of the steeple.

Starting a pass over the church roof from the back (east) side to the front (west) side.

A view looking down over the north entrance to the church.

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