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A few Javacopter "Dronies" (like a selfie, but with a UAV drone) in Grasslands National Park.

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A "dronie" is a "selfie" taken with a camera mounted on a drone. A drone is also known as a UAV - unmanned aerial vehicle - or a UAS - unmanned aerial system. But, strangely enough, the phrase "UASie" has never caught on in modern slang. Hard to believe, I know.

Anyway, here are three "dronies" our Java Post Aerial Photography crew accidentally captured while shooting Ultra HD 4K footage in Grasslands National Park with the Phoenix Group for an upcoming Tourism Saskatchewan campaign.

Left to right, Dustin Panko from the Phoenix Group gives the thumbs up to our aerial crew: Trevor Bennett and Jack Tunnicliffe. Jack's got the hood up on his bunnyhug (that's what we call a hoody in Saskatchewan, folks) not because he's cold, but because he's trying to keep the local early morning mosquito swarm at bay.

The camera was obviously rolling prior to actual take off, with the 4K Ultra HD camera on our Javacopter facing the rear, revealing the video assist transmitter poking down into the shot between Dustin and Trevor, while the rectangular battery housing can be seen in the upper right.

Just after liftoff, Trevor (center) gives the Javacopter camera what can only be described as a slightly maniacal "I've had way too much coffee for this early in the morning" grin.

Later on, the guys caught a dronie of themselves from higher up. You can see the Javacopter's landing gear extended on the right side of the frame, so they were likely coming in for a landing. In flight mode, the landing gear is raised up out of the way to allow the 4K Ultra HD camera a completely clear 360-degree field of view.

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