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A few Java Post "dronies" from our Sheppard Realty aerial shoot.

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While our Java Post Aerial Photography crew was recently shooting a lovely farm property near the city of Regina for Sheppard Realty, we caught a few "dronies" (selfies taken with our drone) of our two-man flight crew and the property owner, below on the ground.

Against a backdrop of a great rural Saskatchewan farm property, on a sunny Saskatchewan afternoon, even "dronies" look great.

Although there's only so much a high resolution camera can do to make our flight crew look good. It's a camera, not a magic wand. :)

To view the short high-definition aerial video of this property that Java Post Aerial Photography created for Sheppard Realty, click above on the "Related Project" link. 

And to learn more about the property itself, CLICK HERE.

Above is the main homestead area of the property, with Wascana Creek winding through it.  The entire property for sale encompasses almost 318 acres just west of the City of Regina. You can see the vehicle of our Java Post flight crew - along with the current owner's vehicle - in the lower right of the shot.

As our UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle, or "drone") descends, you can make out the figures of our two-man flight crew, next to the current owner of the property.

Getting closer. Our pilot is aiming to land the UAV on that rectangular mat laid out on the gravel road. From up here, it looks like a pretty small target but, luckily, our UAV isn't afraid of heights.

Left to right: Jack Tunnicliffe (certified UAV pilot), Trevor Bennett (also a certified UAV pilot) and the current owner of the property.

For most of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, Jack will be the primary pilot controlling the UAV's actual flight, while Trevor controls the movement of the on-board camera. The two of them work together, coordinating the movements of the UAV with the movements of the camera to achieve the best shots for the project.

To see a video of some of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.

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