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A Big Javacopter View of the Big Muddy Badlands.

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The Big Muddy Badlands area is a rugged and beautiful part of southern Saskatchewan, so named because it is situated along Big Muddy Creek...a creek which we can assume was both big and...wait for it...muddy.

The landscape here sure puts the boots to the oft-told but incorrect assumption that Saskatchewan is nothing but miles and miles of waving wheat fields. Described as wildly scenic, the Big Muddy Badlands look like the backdrop for epic John Ford-directed westerns starring John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart.

Many hikers and tourists visit the area every year, but they can't get the same breathtaking aerial point of view that we can capture with our Javacopter camera.

Watch the attached video to get an "eagle's-eye view" of the Big Muddy Badlands. My favourite part of the video is when the camera is slowly hovering above a herd of cows and they're just placidly looking at the Javacopter like it is some kind of deformed crow. Yes, I know that's a strange way to describe it, but cows think weird things.

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