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360° Virtual Reality Flight over First Nations University of Canada

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Our friends at Talking Dog Studios - who happen to be really good at making virtual reality a literal reality - posted this 360° VR video on their YouTube page.

It's the flight Java Post Aerial Photography recently did for them at the First Nations University of Canada, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Play the video and move your mouse around to check out the full 360° view!

To see more examples of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.

For this flight, our crew used our DJI S900 hexacopter, rigged with a cluster of six GoPro cameras. Watch the Related Project video above to see what those camera shots look like before they become a 360° virtual reality video.

When you move your mouse upward on the 360° video, you can see the rotors of our UAV. The six GoPro cameras are arranged with five cameras viewing outward, and one facing straight down. There is no camera facing straight up - all it would see is the bottom of our UAV - so all you see on the 360° video is a blank area.

The nice thing about the 360° view is that it's easy to get a "dronie" of our crew. The Java Post Aerial Photography van and flight crew is in the centre of this image.

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