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360° Virtual Reality UAV Aerial Test Video

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Courtesy of our friends at Talking Dog Studios, here's the 360° virtual reality test video Java Post Aerial Photography took a few days ago. We hung six GoPro cameras from one of our UAVs (AKA "drones") to capture overlapping camera images, which Talking Dog Studios then stitched together into an immersive, 360° image.

If you are watching this on a desktop, drag your computer mouse up/down/left/right on the video to get the 360° view.

If you are viewing this video on your smartphone or tablet and aren't receiving the full 360° pan/tilt control, open it in the YouTube app. Then you can just tilt and pan your smartphone or tablet to see the 360° effect.

Also, the YouTube app on your phone should have a toggle to let you watch the video in "Cardboard Mode." (No, I don't know what that is, either. Crazy kids these days and their Star Trekky stuff...)

The direct link to the video is:

If you need to, you can download the YouTube app for Apple or Android devices HERE.

A virtual reality "dronie" image captured from the video footage. Left to right: Ryan Hill from Talking Dog Studios, and Trevor Bennett (UAV tech) and Jack Tunnicliffe (UAV pilot) from Java Post Aerial Photography.

To view more of the work done by Java Post Aerial Photography, CLICK HERE.

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