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Bringing the Java Post animated mascot to life...then shooting him in the head with an arrow. Before and After Animations.

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Our Java Post Production animator, Tomás Ibar, created a delightful animated scene of our coffee bean mascot, Beanie, being struck by Cupid's arrow and discovering the love of his life.

But, before Tomás created the full, 3D finished animation, he first created some quick, rough images of the scene. Sort of a like an animated storyboard, these are called "animatic" images or "animatics."

We thought you'd like to see how Tomás' original sketches compare to the same shots in the finished animation.

We start with our mascot, Beanie, sitting in his chair and reading a book.

Little does Beanie know that he'll soon be on the sharp, pointy end of romance.

Ouch! That's gotta hurt. Cupid hit Beanie right in the...well, the bean.

Filled with love from Cupid's arrow, Beanie turns and spots what he is most passionate about.

It looks like Beanie and his steamy mug of Java Post coffee have a hot date ahead. It's true love.

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